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Podcast 068, Protect Yourself From Being Read Energetically

Protect Yourself From Being Read Energetically Podcast 068 Today's podcast comes in response to Podcast 052, which was about ethics and integrity when reading someone else's energy. If you haven't already listened to that podcast, you can do so HERE and then return here. Charmaine asked the very pertinent question about how she can protect herself from [...]

Podcast 55: Which Are You? Light Worker, Dark Worker, Balance Worker

Podcast 55: Which Are You? A Light Worker, a Dark Worker, or a Balance Worker? A student enrolled in the Increase Your Intuition Using EFT course asked a question regarding the 'dark side.' This is in lecture 20, which is all about 'Preparing To See The Dark Side.' Here is what she said: "You advice us to be in [...]

Podcast 050: What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality?

What Does Physical Sexuality Have To Do With Spirituality? The short answer is: absolutely nothing and everything. I could write a book about this topic. Maybe I will. For now, this post and podcast are in response to a question posted by one of my students enrolled in the Happy Relationships course. If you are not a part of [...]

Podcast 024: How To Find Great, Spiritual Men

So many people are telling me that they are looking for a "spiritual partner." Women in particular are more vocal about wanting a great man who is in touch with his and her feelings, one that is on a spiritual path and not just chasing after money, success or other women. The good news is - there are plenty [...]

Podcast 001: Bridging Business With Spirituality

What is spirituality? And what does it have to do with business and entrepreneurship? Listen to Dr. Cha~zay as she talks about spirituality from a metaphysical point of view, perfect for those who are left-brained oriented and need grounded and practical guidance. Dr. Cha~zay talks about her three near-death experiences and how most of her life she kept hidden [...]

Sexuality vs. Spirituality

Sexuality vs. Spirituality Sexuality has been used for eons, not only for reproduction but also for rituals. Unfortunately true liberation can never be reached through sexuality, on the contrary. Sexuality is actually a part of what keeps the re-incarnational wheel going and causes people to come back again and again to give this thing called 'life' another chance. All [...]