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Podcast 036: Would You Marry Your Soul Mate or Your Twin Flame?

Ayleen called in this question: "Would you marry a soul mate or a twin flame?" Listen to this podcast for my answer. I have created an entire course about this very topic, Happy Relationships: Soul Mates and Twin Flames. To make this course affordable for everyone, HERE are some 80% discount coupons. The course is only $20 with this [...]

Podcast 027: Divine Relationships – Four Types of Relationships

Which one do you have? Which one do you want? It never fails that when I talk to my coaching clients and my students, they describe to me the fourth type relationship as the one they want. And yet so often it's not the one they have. Why is that? The majority of people on this planet settle for [...]

Podcast 022: Family Pressures And How To Deal With the Fear Of Being Alone

Are you afraid of being alone or tired of family members pressuring you to find a life partner already? You're not alone. The pressures from family and friends to get on with creating a family is high. More and more women and men want to stay single longer or avoid marriage all together. And then there are those who [...]

The Ultimate Heartbreak – When His Departure Makes You Feel Homeless

There is a home for our body, a place to let go, lay our heads, to rest up and nourish ourselves; and then there is a home for our heart and soul, a place where we find emotional and spiritual safety, a safe haven where honor, sacredness and unconditional love reign. The ladder is usually found within and reflected [...]

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Twin Flames: Your 11 Week Coaching Series is Here

Twin Flames: 11 Week Coaching Series is Here! Dr. Cha~zay and Zeyven, both published authors of books about Twin Flames, will give you their personal experiences as well as reach into several decades of combined experiences as relationship coaches. You will not want to miss this! You will not get anywhere else such grounded, practical and useful information that [...]

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Twin Flame Coaching Series Straight To Your Computer – Coming Soon

Twin Flame Coaching Series - Grounded and Practical Guidance Imagine two twin flame authors and relationship coaches who have come together just to bring you their wisdom and their hard earned lessons from the school of hard-knocks, just so you don't have to, and we deliver it directly to your computer! That's exactly what we'll be offering in just [...]

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Breatharianism, Twin Flames, Ghosts and More – Q&A Session

Breatharianism, twin flames, ghosts, aliens, near death experience, it's all so very interesting. Every day I get up to a dozen of inquiries about topics of breatharianism, twin flames, aliens and more. I used to answer every question and have long had to stop responding to every inquiry. There just isn't enough time in the day to respond each [...]

Twin Flame Qualification: The 4 Pillars You Need to Pre-Qualify Him or Her

  Twin Flame Pre-Qualification? Aren't we supposed to just 'know' whether he or she is the one? Technically speaking 'yes.' However, since mother Nature has her own agenda, which is to keep our species alive, our bodies are first and foremost a part of her (mother Nature), and so are regulated by chemistry. Twin flame or not, your bodies [...]

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Sexual Purity: A Metaphysical Viewpoint of the Ankh & Twin Flames

Sexual Purity, the Ankh and Twin Flames Sexual purity, cheating and what it all has to do with twin flames, is a hot and burning topic and on people's mind like never before! It's time we took a metaphysical look at what infidelity and sexual impurity really does to people. This is a 40 minute video with many slides [...]

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