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Beat Procrastination and Become Productive

Productivity vs Procrastination Whether you have been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19 or your job or business are still going strong, productivity and procrastination can affect us all. When we  have a roadmap to help us see all that we want to do, it becomes easier to getting things done and the right tool may just [...]

Professional Re-Invention – My Tool of Choice

Professional Re-Invention – My Tool of Choice We are finding ourselves in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and upheaval and most people are scrambling to start over and re-invent themselves personally and professionally. As a person who was forced to re-invent myself eight times (I’m not kidding), and as a person who taught business plan writing courses to [...]

Free Webinar For Energy Healers, Dowsers, EFT Practitioners

Spiritual Protection For Those Working With ENERGY WATCH THE VIDEO NOW With over 30,000 students worldwide you can imagine that there is bound to be a certain theme of recurring questions. "How do I protect myself and my clients spiritually? Do I even need protection?" One of the most frequently asked questions is how to protect [...]