Vipassana: Getting What You Want In Life

benefits of meditationI once read:

On a normal day I meditate one hour and on a stressful day I meditate two hours.”

That doesn't even make sense,” I remember thinking to myself. On a stressful day I won't meditate at all or I won't get my things done.”

At least this used to be my logic. And yet I decided to give it a go.

Low and behold, suddenly I realized that things got done much faster and in miraculous ways. The answers to my ‘problems‘ seemed to either come during my meditation in form of a quick flash or the problem resolved itself or help was on its way as if by magic.

The more I meditate the more I get done and the faster I reach my goals.

What a seeming contradiction and yet there I was, meditating hours every day and getting done more than I ever did before. I built a multi-million dollar consulting firm this way working part time. When I needed help or advice I went to meditate to find the answers within (instead of calling someone for help). Either the solution came during my meditation or it came soon after I came out of my meditation.

Going Within To Get The Answer

Do you ever get in a pickle and the first thing you do is call a friend to tell them everything about your situation, in the hopes they will fix it for you or at least point you in the right direction?

woman meditatingWhen you meditate consistently you no longer need to multiply your misery in this way and be an unnecessary burden to your friends but you go within for the answer. There are the few occasions when something hits so close to home and the decision you need to make will influence many people's lives and your decision needs to be impeccable or havoc may reign. Even in those cases, go within first for the answer and when you come out of your meditation you can weigh the pros and cons with a much calmer mind. Having weighed all pros and cons you can then go to a friend to help you make the final choice. In this way you have done 99% of the work and you already know the answer and getting unbiased feedback can sometimes be the extra blessing.

For the most part, however, you will see that it won't be necessary at all to rely on others for your own answers. All answers about everything and everyone are always within. Go there to look for your answer first.

If you read the health benefits of the above graphic you will see that the benefits of meditation are quite significant. Let's look at the energy of two words:


Exchange the T for a C and that is exactly what meditation is to your body. Natural medication to heal your nervous system, increase your mental, spiritual and physical well-being and so much more.

Does Our Mind Ever Sleep?

Meditating-man-at-sunrise-940x440There is nothing as difficult than to quiet your mind and sit in silence, including silencing the mind. Why? Because the mind never needs to recharge. It's a 24/7 chatterbox that, given the chance, will rant on about everything and nothing at all – only to be heard. The little mind and the little ego are like siblings. Two peas in the pod, partners in crime if you will.

Over time I have found that one of the reasons we need to sleep is to get a break from this chatterbox. Does the mind shut off when we sleep? No, not at all. We are only unaware of the constant yapping because we are seemingly asleep, giving our bodies rest.

You will find that as your mind becomes calmer and calmer, you will need less sleep too. And staying awake for longer hours actually becomes a joy because you are in charge of your mind, both of what comes into your mind and what your mind produces. You then realize that you can shut it off and give it a ‘mental rest‘ while you absorb Vipassana (to see things as they are), all while being awake, alert and attentive.

This is a form of bliss! Perhaps the only one there is! Why? Because you then can be 100% in the ‘now‘ that is, without getting sucked back by the past or the temptation of wanting to run away into the future.

It is up to you to train the little mind and little ego and master them. Just like children who are left to their own devices, your little mind and little ego will eventually control you (much like children grow up to control their parents), unless you learn how to manage and control them.

It is your job to train your mind and ego and to be the parent and manager of your ‘self‘ and you do so by being careful what enters your mind (through your eyes and thoughts), and what emanates from within you to the world surrounding you.

In the last part of this 4-part series I will talk about the outer influences of energetic waves that are influencing our every move, without most of our knowing. We'll talk about entrainment and how meditation can help shield you and keep you safe. Stay tuned and make sure you hit the ‘share' buttons below to share this article with your friends.

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Meditate More: If you are experiencing stress in your life it may be time to increase your meditation time. Once you have managed to sit in silence and without moving your body for at least 20 minutes, increase your frequency to meditating 3 times for 20 minutes each session. When you can sit for 20 minutes three times a day, increase two of those times to 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, then 1 hour. Keep your lunch meditation at 20-30 minutes.

Go Within First: Instead of picking up the phone and calling your friend in desperation for a solution, go within and meditate first. Every time you pick up the phone in a panic to have someone else fix your thinking for you, you are multiplying your misery. Don't put this energetic time bomb in your friend's lap. That's not what they are here for. Instead go within for the solution and remain there or meditate several times until you have the answer. Only then call your friend to give them the information you have learned by going within.

Hold a Secret: Most people cannot hold a secret and at the first opportunity they spread that which was entrusted to them in confidence and secrecy. If this is one of your difficulties then going within first can be a great way to practice holding your own secret. Instead of becoming like a chicken with the head cut off and calling one friend after another with your ‘stuff,' learn to take that basket of information and bringing it to the inner sanctum of your own soul. Ask your higher guidance system to help you with this situation and get expert advice from them (not your living friends). Learn to hold your own secrets first. Over time you will become better in holding other people's secret as well.

A Life Changing Quote by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Do not speak unless you can improve upon the silence.”