Website Hosting – Making Sense of It All

Website hosting is probably the most important part of the whole internet business! Let's face it, we can't have a website without it being hosted anywhere. When I started out as a blogger, I was so confused about all these different terms: domain name, website hosting, newsletter sign up, and then there was the website itself. Why was it so complicated to have a website? All I wanted was one website – now you're telling me I have to make piece it together like a clock maker?

Website Hosting – HostGator

Yes, somewhat. It gets easier when you get the hang of it. So yes, the first thing you need is a domain name. You can get that through your website hosting company when you register for your monthly hosting package.

Website Hosting – What to Know

I've tried GoDaddy website hosting before and I didn't like it. While i use GoDaddy to do my domain name research, I did not like their hosting package or their website design package. I'm a WordPress person and I need the best hosting company that stays on top of all WordPress updates. I have found HostGator by far the most up to date website hosting company to keep up with WordPress. From the research I have done, almost all internet marketers use HostGator as their website hosting company. The best part? You can have your own website hosting for less than $4 bucks a month! Can't beat that! And their support is free and stellar!