What's Your Life's Chosen ‘Major?'

Some 2 and 3 year olds know exactly what their talents are and what they will be doing in life. We see this with actors and singers, artists and other brilliant people such as geniuses. And they are lucky enough, or not, to have parents to help guide their way to assure their success.

Most people, however, grow up and jump from childhood dream to childhood dream and eventually go through half a dozen careers by the time they are 40 or 50 years old. Many still try to figure out what they want to be when they're 60 or 70, never quite having found the ‘thing‘ that makes them shine.

While very few people belong to the first group, it's the second group I want to focus on.

astrology-houses-300x300Anyone who has ever been enrolled in a University or College knows that there comes a time when you choose a major. Or you simply won't be able to graduate.

Life is quite similar, except that death comes, whether you've lived according to your chosen curriculum or not. I'm not qualified to help you decipher what your ‘class curriculum‘ is for this life time, but I can tell you who is. So read on. Your life may depend on it.

For those who worked with their life's curriculum in a conscious and deliberate matter, they not only will be ready to move on to the next chapter of life, or death as it may be, but they will actually look forward to the next chapter.

The majority of people are not only deathly afraid of death, pun intended, they are also unprepared. Unprepared for death itself and especially unprepared for the next chapter, whatever that may bring. Nothing can be as frightening than letting go of a body and floating off into the unknown. You know innately that your spirit and soul move on, if you only knew whereto next.

Get a Guidance Counselor

Let's get back to the analogy of graduating from University. When you first enroll in a College or University, you meet with a guidance counselor to help you come up with a set of classes that you will have to take, no matter what your major is. They call it non-credit or lower credit courses and credit or higher credit courses. Still, many do not know what they want to major in once they're done with their 4 year degree. And many do know what they want.

The same applies to life. Some lessons are minor, such as a broken foot, and others are major, such as a broken marriage.

astrology5You don't have to know what you want to do with this life or even how you operate – until there comes a time in your life when you're being faced with looking yourself in the mirror like you never have before. Not for vanity reasons but for real transparency reasons. Who are you? Who are you really?? What's that thing that makes you tick, that makes you breathe, that makes you love or get angry? What makes you go through this hardship and run away from that hardship?

The beauty of life is that we're all different. Thank goodness! And while the internet is filled with “how to” in an effort to helping you become a better version of yourself, there is only one thing to do to know exactly who you are and what your curriculum is for your life. What is it?


No, not your horoscope but your actual astrological template. Do you know your life curriculum?

What planet or star is influencing your every behavior the most? Do you know?

What teacher (planet/star) is guiding you the hardest because you're really ready to surmount this or that obstacle? Do you know?

Why are you sick or your finances lacking? And when is there relief in sight? Do you know?

Why is love evading you or why do all of your relationships suddenly end? Do you know?

It's All About Patterns

scratches-patterns-light-wallpapersI was lucky enough to have a mother who gave my birth data to a friend of hers who wanted to become an astrologer. Once the report was done she handed it to me without any explanation. I was only 12 years old. This was my curriculum!? I wasn't happy in the slightest bit about what I read and instantly disliked astrology. But my dislike didn't last long.

A few years later I saw a pattern happening in my life that I recalled reading about in my astrology report. I picked the report back up and recognized many of the patterns written about in my report in my real life. Most importantly, the report gave me a  heads-up about what would happen if I didn't break these cycles.

Knowing my template gave me the education I needed to make most important life choices.

By the way, it was based on this original report that I chose not to drink, smoke, do drugs or have one-night stands. If it hadn't been for this report maybe I would have fallen for some of these patterns? We'll never know. What matters is that there is true power in the power of choice.

A Pseudo-Science

Thankfully astrology is not an exact science and can therefore be considered a pseudo-science. This is great news because it gives you much wiggle room to change yourself and your life into exactly what you want – WITH the help of your celestial teachers.

Let's look at an example.

Mercury Retrograde

Most people of today have heard of Mercury Retrograde, even if they don't know what exactly it means. It has become a common saying for when things go wrong or technology breaks down. That's because Mercury rules communication (and lots of other things) and because Mercury goes retrograde several times a year. Unlike some of the much larger bodies that retrograde only every couple of years. Thankfully!

Get An Astrology Coach

Flowers of spring in bloom, isolated. Pattern.I'm not a licensed astrologer nor do I know everything there is to know about astrology. I don't know of anyone that does. What I do know, however, is how to surround myself with those who specialize in various aspects of astrology and so help me understand my life's curriculum.

Introducing Ann

There is Ann who gives me a 3-6 month heads-up of “what to expect” and how to best prepare for certain planetary aspects. Whether I want to know when to move, what to invest in, what obstacles lie ahead or when to launch a new course, Ann helps me understand my chart in a way that enables me knowing my most auspicious and least favorable days ahead.

What I love about Ann is that she's incredibly passionate about astrology. She loves to study a chart and she not only gets the big picture while she also finds the needle in the haystack of why things don't work in your life. She also has a gift of speaking plain English when explaining how exactly these celestial bodies influence your day-to-day life. She knows when to keep the astro-language to a minimum. This is a rare feat in and of itself because most astrologers are so used to speaking in astro-language, that it's sometimes hard to follow.

Your Template Is Unique

No one else has your exact astrological template, even a person who was born on the same time and around the same time. I have what's called an astrological twin, a man from the UK, who was born 15 minutes after me. However, we were born in different countries, which makes our personalities and life lesson different.

Rumi once said:

“When you were born you brought a light with you that wasn't here before.”

No one shares your template and no one can ever fully understand you because you are that unique. What's important is that you are willing to understand yourself. How you function, why you function the way you do and what you can do to change yourself and your life situations.

It's Not About An Easy Life

r_o_v__unifying_the_elements_with_sacred_geometry_by_neosoul333-d4hd3t7Learning about your astrological curriculum is not about living life unscathed. It's about facing your trials knowing what they're about in the first place, while knowing how to best respond so you and everyone else involved can grow in the process.

Think of a volleyball court and imagine if all the players ducked and covered their heads as the ball is coming over the net. No one would catch the ball and the game would be over. This is how most people live their lives. Scared, unprepared and unwilling to face life's obstacles coming their way.

I implore you to open your eyes and to learn about your magnificent life curriculum.

Eyes Wide Open

Get a guide, someone who knows what they are doing. Find someone with whom you resonate and put them in your inner circle as a team member to helping you stay accountable to your evolution. As I said, Ann is one of my newest and most favorite inner circle team members and I gladly share her website with you. She is passionate about astrology and has a great way of putting things in simple English terms that I can understand.

Stay accountable to your evolution.

buddha and sacred geometry, 350x398There are countless other sites that give you an astrology life report and you may try that but I caution you not to stop there or take things at face value. Often times a stand-alone report sounds conflicting and even contradictory. That's because planets change personalities when they're in the presence of another planet. Mars, the God of War, next to Mercury is a completely different energy than if Mars were to be next to Saturn, in your chart. To know the difference and to work with those energies is where a great astrology coach can come in. Ann helps me stay on my toes and watches out for significant dates of when to launch projects and when to hold off.

So whether you want to start (or end) a relationship or a business, build a house or move countries, know what support or opposition you have from your celestial teachers. Remember, your teachers are only here to help you make good on the curriculum you signed up for in the first place. This life of yours is much like a 4 year college degree, only much longer. You came here to major in a few things and your template is making sure that you do. Or you'll do it all over again. So get to know your curriculum. Life will become so much easier when you know exactly what you've been dealt with.

Have a fun journey and remember to love your Self, your template and your options – you have countless of them!