get out of your comfort zoneA couple of months ago I walked into a new gym that I was considering joining. I was new in town and it was a wide spread town in Southern California. If you know anything about Southern California – it is ALL so widespread, and can be quite overwhelming for someone not used to the big streets, big cars, big books, big egos. :eek:

I was looking for something specific and asked the guy at the front desk if he knew where it was. He answered:

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m from Wisconsin and moved here about 6 months ago. A live across the freeway and my life takes place in 3 mile radius.”

I had never considered whether or not my life was also taking place in a 3 miles radius, at least when I’m stationary. As most of you know, I live the traveling life style and don’t tend to stay in one place too long. I get the itch to move on to a new place that I haven’t explored before. I know my time will come when I settle down again but for now this is how I love it.

What about you?

Does your life take place in a 3 mile radius?

Think about this question and even take out a map. Map out where you go every day. Everything from work to the gym, grocery store, the restaurants and cafes you hang on out, where you go hike or do other things outside of the house.

How far dos your life span?

Now here is another question, when you do span beyond your daily zone, how does it make you feel?

A friend of mine has lived over 30 years in her house and she is comfortable and secure in her 3 mile radius. Every once in a while she needs to go beyond her comfort zone and it causes her extreme stress, so much so that she can’t drive herself and needs to have her husband with her.

How does leaving your comfort zone affect you?

How does living in your radius make you feel?

Do you ever wish like you could just break free and go? If so, where would you go? What kind of life would you design and live?